Flagmount Millenium Sculpture

I believe this extraordinary sculpture/bell tower that D and I came across in Flagmount is designed by Joe Noonan. Here is a short extract from his book, 'Songs Recitations & Short Stories'

As a postman - for over twenty years - I have travelled the byways and boreens around Lough Graney. In fact it was only when I became a postman that I realised how little I knew about the parish in which I lived and more importantly about the people and interesting characters that lived around me. I've had twenty years observing, twenty years conversing, and twenty years of learning.

This song that I've just written
On this fine long Summer's day
Is worth far more at least to me
Than a shed of the finest hay

In a hundred years, the hay is ate
And the cattle long since gone,
The money squandered, lost or spent,
And still they sing my song

Joe Noonan, July, 1992
"It is the best of all trades to make songs, and the second best to sing them."

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